Let us introduce ourselves

What we are trying to do

Our lives are all about the workload from the office and the big list of groceries from home. Let us draw a picture. Imagine you sitting at your work desk, overwhelmed, looking at the pile of documents or cluttered computer desktop. Suddenly a mail arrives to your desk. It's a small note from your beloved spouse reminding you to sit back and relax for a minute. "Sent via WishMe.lk" it also says.
Can you be more surprised?

Pass on that love

Society is a chain. You do something nice to someone, and it goes on and on until it reaches you someday, somewhere giving you a pleasant pat on the back. Let's write something to appreciate your parents, friends, lover or spouse to show how much you care. If a small match can start a whole bonfire, you can spread the love to make a beloved soul happy. We will do the hard work for you!

It's all about making lives better

Our team is well skilled in creative handwriting. It's Calligraphy, one would say. Yes, it's when you damp words with love, so they gain the ability to talk! Our aim is to help you spread the love but it comes at a cost for us. We really like if everything was free, but our landlord knocks at the door each month asking for the rent. To save both 'Rawula and Kenda', we decided to charge a very little with a Greater Quality.

Just tell us what you want to be written and we will add our secret love potion of words, put it in an envelope, hand it over to an angel to blow a kiss.

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Images on the website are sourced from pexels.com, freepik.com, and from our very own writer Kanchana Amilani.

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