A Note dipped in love

Love you Amma!

Remember the things she's done for you?
Let's tribute her with a small note

Baba, How ya doin'

Send a surprise note to your GF/BF's workdesk

Thanks machan

We, Lankans don't thank friends much.
It's time to wink that "special" friend 😉

We deliver everywhere

We will make sure that your wish reaches every corner of Sri Lanka,
even if you are from abroad.

Choose from different samples

Lots of love in few words

Tell us what you want to be written.
We'll send a note via Post to their workdesk.
Can you imagine the thrill of having a surprise note?

How about a poem?

Tell us about them.
We'll write and send an unique, heartfelt poem.
That'd be the best romantic thing ever!

We write in a way that's relatable to
the culture, and the context

Thank for a donation

Send notes to your donors to express gratitude

Say Sorry

Had a fight? A surprise note will definitely heal the wounds 🙂

Wish for a belated birthday

They will understand that the "snail" mail can be slow

Appreciate a service

Had a good service? Tell them that you did.